D e helt sykt kor mye lykke d finnes i en vanlig grå hverdag

måndag 26 augusti 2013

Cakes, cakes and more cakes

Hi everyone After months away from the blog, I think it is time to update a little bit. I still have not got my craftstudio done, but within two months it will be up to date (I HOPE) First out is the cakes I have made lately. Numero uno is a cake I made this weekend to our friends little daughter. Everything is handmade by me I have used sugarpaste and marzipan for the decoration, even white flowerpaste to make the colours lighter. The Little mouse is my own design, and the dress is made out of flowerpaste The whole cake. Details of the dress When the decorations where almost done. Number 2 is for my sister in laws graduating. Also this one decorated by me. Flowers and bows.Made out of sugarpast Pearls for girls The whole cake The ribbon at the bottom. I mixed White flowerpaste and pink sugarpaste to make different shades. And the last one is for mothersday this year, to all the mums I love so much. Grandma, mum, mother in law, grandmother in law… And I thought it was enough to just put an M on it for Mother  The centerpiece And the whole cake Thats it for now. Have a great day, and thank you so much for following me. You can also find me at my open profile on Instagram, where I update almost Daily. INSTAGRAM = Marthescorner.

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  1. Du er syyyyykt flink!!! Hvis de smakte bare en femtedel så godt som de er flott å se på - ja, da burde du åpne bakeri! :)
    (...blir bare liiiitt missunnelig på de heldige som fikk smake kakene!) ;)