D e helt sykt kor mye lykke d finnes i en vanlig grå hverdag

tisdag 16 augusti 2011

I have built a little train...

Many months ago I made this train. But I had no motivation to decorate it, so I just forgot all about it. Some weeks ago I found it again, and figured out it was time to finish it.
As always the model is made by me, build by me and decorated by me.

I made a little hollywood touch to it with putting some letters in the backround. Lykke means happiness in Norwegian

I took one of my vinyls wich has some golden swirls/medaljons on, and glued it on the side and in the front. The rest of the train was painted in white acrylicpaint mixed with craclepaint. To make a worn out look I used a fluid chalk and dabbed on the edges.

Some trims and matching ribbons where also glued on. In all the dots of the brown polkadot ribbons I glued a little golden rhinestone

Only the locomotive

In one of the two wagons I rolled diapers to make it look like woodstocks. To decorate this diapers I used a grey ribbon, a blue paperflower with golden acrylicpaint on the edges, and a golden button with a pearl in the middle (around the pearl I used walnut stain stickles to pick up some browns also in that decoration)

On the wagons and the locomotive I used an adeshieve ribbon as a schablon and dabbed liquid chalk to make a pattern.

In the other wagon there is some bottles with babyshower gel, babyoil, and babypowder. I took of all the labels and glued them on a card that is underneath them. In that way the parents will know the ingredients in the products.

On the back of the locomotive I used a stamp and embossed this pattern with copper embossingpowder, and chocolate embossingpowder

Some more details of the train

In the front is a wooden crown painted with walnut stain distressed stickles. On the top of it I glued on two brads that I first painted with golden acrylicpaint

On the side I used a rub on text, and a little keylock/key/flower/screw arrangement that I put together.

To make the wheels look like they do, I first painted it with brown acrylicpaint, then golden acrylicpaint, and in the end i used some punchinilla for schablon and dubbed fluid chalk on it.


Thank you for stopping bye.
Have a good night sleep all of you!

xoxo Marthe

fredag 12 augusti 2011

My first wedding

Hi everyone, and sorry for such a long time not blogging.
But I have been very,very buzzy, and has not been able to use the time that I want in my scrapbookroom.

Well, like the heading sais I have had my first weddingplanner job.
Very simle, easy and plain, but fun.

Here is the results:

Here is the front and the back of the wedding programs, à Little guestbook, and the present that every guest will get.

Silverembossed letters , purple satin ribbon, and à simple flower made of paper, fabric, à Little crystal brads, and à Little love Charm

On the back of the wedding programs I silverembossed this rose and the wellknown words.

The gift is à little cellophanebag with silvercovered chocolatehearts. In the back is à black little card with the word tack ( thank you in Swedish)

More gifts

Napkinring/namecards. Made out of silverpaper with a little crystalbrad.

I also made this poster, so that everyone knows where to sit. This was the funniest part.

Well folks, thats all for today, but more to come:)

BIg hugs from me.