D e helt sykt kor mye lykke d finnes i en vanlig grå hverdag

torsdag 8 september 2011

To the LOVE of my life at our 5 anniversary....

Like last year I have made a bench to my husband Joakim for our anniversary.
I Figured out it was a perfect symbol for us.
We met at church, and where sitting in the benches and had secret looks at each other...
He was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen, and I fell for him that very first day...
One year after we met we married, and today that is 5 years ago.

I imagine us sitting in a little garden house in the middle of our garden when we are old, rocking in the sunlight, drinking our morning tea. JOAKIM, I LOVE YOU!!!

Inside the house I made a little crystal lamp out of woodweels, matches, steel tread, some pearls, and mini paper roses

Here is also a little birdhouse sitting on the bench. Made it out from the bigger sized icecrean sticks. Painted it and made a hole with my crop-a-dile

This is a little heartshaped piece of wood, that I just painted, and wrote our names on to.

The floring inside is mosaic that my husband has given me. He works as a carpenter, so leftovers is brought home to me:)

Here is the whole model, with the wedding date painted on the front.

Here is the little crystal lamp hanging outside. As you can see from the size of the leaves the lamp is not big at all:)

The front decoration in daylight

Here is also some pictures taken to make you feel a heartwarming feeling..

A vintage paperrose surrounded by a bunch of small ones are decorating the front. Some butterfly charms is also hanging in the flower arrangement

All the pearldecorations are made out of these ones. I like the ones without glue the best. Then I know that the really will stick when I use my favorite glue Tacky glue.

I used them on the trim that I glues on to the bench, and I also made some swirls with them on the front.

Well my friends, Thats it for this time. I hope you all take the time to join my candy. The picture of it can´t even show you guys how awesome all the embellishments are. I just love every single piece, and uses the same embellishments often on my project.

Have a wonderful morning, day, night depending on where you are in the world.

xoxo Marthe

fredag 2 september 2011

From Marthe with LOVE


This is a blogcandy made for you with love.
If you are not the winner, you can still contact me if there is some of these products you would like.

Colours, candy and bligblig, thats my thingthing:)

The rules is the same as allways :

1. You have to be a follower or become a follover to my blog
2. You have to link to this candy on your blog, and doubbel chance if you link to My blog on your Facebook site! ( here I just trust you).
3. Comment underneath this post when done.

As allways I ship international, so all of you are welcome to join in.

I will announce the winner October 1st.

Good luck, and have a beautiful September:)

torsdag 1 september 2011

A table full of FLOWERS!!!!!

My lovely husband made another dream come true......A FLOWER TABLE.

I have walked around with an idea, that I would like a table where I could organize my flowers. I had a little brainstorming with my husband, and together we came up with the best idea for my type of flowers:

A table where I could put my roses in small holes, so that I always see them perfecty.

Here is what we did:

First of all he built a frame out of left over material.
We bought some table legs that we screwed on the frame. And some kind of metal mesh that we stitched around the frame.

He also made me a little one to have on the top, for my smaller flowers.
So i just started to put them in position arranged by colours.

I love the way it turned out. So easy to just grab what you want

There is going to be a little bench underneath it, so I could put my baskets with flat flowers under the roses.
So right now they are just placed under the table. I just couldn´t wait to show you:)

I am sooooooo hapy!

Look at all the colours..I love it

I hope this gave you som inspiration to organize your flowers. Simple , easy and cheap, and soooo beatiful,

Have great evening, a good night,
and very soon I will post a gift to my husband that i have made for our 5 year anniversary.

xoxo Marthe