D e helt sykt kor mye lykke d finnes i en vanlig grå hverdag

torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Redcurrant lemonade from our own garden

When we moved to our new house in the end of March, we did not know to much about our garden, and what kind of fruits and berries that grows in it.So it has been a very exciting summer as we have seen fruits and berries grow as precious treasures.
One day I saw two big redcurrant trees, with the most red and delicious berries you can imagine.
Me, my mum and some of my brothers kids went out one day picking them.
M husband had an old recipe on how to make redcurrant lemonade/juice. So after a three day process, we had about 6 litres of very tasty lemonade. I bought some oldfashion glassbottles, decorated them with a text made on my cricut ( vinyl) saying: Niemis own redcurrant lemonade.
I think the bottles are decorating, and it is fun to make something so tasty from stuff in our garden. i am actually pretty proud:) Now we are celebrating our first summer in our new home, with a garden that make us smile every day... Have a GREAT day, and enjoy the rest of the summer.