D e helt sykt kor mye lykke d finnes i en vanlig grå hverdag

måndag 29 december 2014

Hi everyone! It has been a while now, and the reason for that is that I am more active on Instagram now, and most of my creations are published there. But I have some news that I would like to share with you here on my page too. As some of you already know I have been building up a new studio. After we moved to the house we are living in now, I did not have a studio for almost 2 years. But after great teamwork between me and my husband, the studio where finished this autumn. Well, all sudden I got an email from a journalist from Harris Publications in New York city, that they had seen my studio and wonder if I would participate in a brans new craft magazine with my studio. And of course I said YES to that. So after lots and lots of decoration , photoshoots and interview the Magazine is finally here.....And I am so HAPPY that I had the chance to be a part of such a great team of crafters and journalists. The magazine can be bought at Barnes and Noble , where craft magazines are sold, and you can even find it at Target ( have I heard). Here is a sneak peak of the article. My studio article is covered on 6 pages in the magazine :)
And here is the magazine:)

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  1. How exciting! I actually have this magazine and will have to pull it out again! I just came across your Instagram feed and found your blog. You have a beautiful crafting area!